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Treatment Solutions

When treatment is recommended, we have a range of products to effectively eradicate various types of pests.


I can install different types of approved traps to quickly eradicate a pest issue should it be appropriate for the type of pest and size of infestation. I'm unable to install live capture traps due animal welfare reasons, you can read more here for further information:

Animal Welfare Act 2006


Where ongoing monitoring is required, I can install a range of monitors, which can include non toxic bait, tracking dust, insect traps, fly machines and more.


Where a rodent infestation is present, rodenticides can be temporarily used to quickly control an acute issue, if it is deemed safe and practical to do so. Special care will be taken to reduce the risk to non target species, such as pets, hedgehogs and birds of prey. 


Where an insect infestation has occurred, identification is key, so appropriate chemicals can be used to eradicate the issue first time. In some extreme cases, follow up treatments are required for larger infestations or where chemical resistance is known.

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