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Terms, Conditions and Guarantees


Payment Schedule: Payment to be made within 14 days from the date stated on invoice, once works have been satisfactorily completed. Payments should primarily be paid by bank transfer (BACS) with the supplied account details on the invoice, that will be emailed over. Cheques are also accepted. Cash can also be taken, but not preferred. In some cases, Vertaproof may request for payment up front to cover the cost of materials/equipment, which is non-refundable.

Client Responsibility: Client to allow access to the property where the work is to be carried out. In most cases, this should be agreed before attending the site and carried out during working hours. Any pets, particularly dogs and cats should be kept away from the technician at all times to mitigate any injuries. Client to ensure there is access to facilities on site for water and electricity. In some situations, actions may be required before attending site, if in the instance this has not been completed, the visit may be rescheduled, or the client can agree for the technician to carry out the additional work as an alteration to the quote.

Vertaproof Responsibility: Work will be carried out as stated, using knowledge and experience related to pest control and property maintenance knowledge. In some cases, Vertaproof may need to reschedule if there are unforeseen delays at other jobs. The next available date will be arranged with the client. If there are areas that need attention from another contractor, this will be made known to the client. I do not use subcontractors. Treatment reports will highlight recommendations to clients to mitigate/eliminate pest activity. In some cases pest activity may have Environmental Health implications. If recommendations are not followed, Vertaproof takes no responsibility if pest activity continues in the property, which may result in additional treatment or work required and will be charged separately. All treatment belongs to Vertaproof and should be removed at the end of treatment in line with CRRU code of best practice.

Alterations: If in the event that work will exceed the original quote, Vertaproof will discuss this with the client for further authorisation. If there are additional charges, an amended quote will be emailed and should be confirmed in a written response. If additional work exceeds client expectations, no further work will be carried out and any outstanding amounts will be invoiced.

Guarantees: Due to the nature of pest control, guarantees cannot be offered. This may be due to construction type, type of pest, genetic/behavioural changes or factors outside of control. Please also be aware that Checkatrade guarantees will not apply to Pest Control. If you require any further information before accepting the quote, please contact Checkatrade directly.
Woodworm is under a personal guarantee for 10 years on all treated wood where accessible, please note this is not insurance backed. A separate letter will be sent covering all the details related to this.

Right to Cancel: Client has the right to cancel up until attendance on site. Once the works have started, the client is entering a commitment to pay for the services.

Late Payment Penalties: Payments will be considered late after 30 days of being issued. Every effort will be made to come to an agreement on payment, however if this is not resolved within a fair time frame, legal action may be taken. Businesses will be charged at 3% above the Bank of England base rate for any late invoices. A debt recovery charge will also be applied based on the amount of debt owed. £40 charge for amounts up to £999.99 and a £70 charge for amounts between £1000.00 to £9.999.99. Amended invoices will be sent including the additional fees.

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