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Property Surveys

Property improvements are at the heart of what I do. With a strong focus on prevention over pesticides, we will carry out the following so you know what to expect:

Identify the pest type, location and size of the infestation

Using experience and knowledge to identify the type of pest, the size of the infestations and the locations where activity is present. 

Highlight probable causes

Whether there is a hygiene issue, a food source or perhaps its something that has happened by chance. I can point out why the pest is there in the first place.

Detail entry points

If there is a weakness in the property, that can be practically rectified, I can recommend improvements to the property to safeguard against pests for the future. When a suspected drain issue is highlighted, we are able to carry out CCTV drain inspections to highlight faults under your property.

Carry out property improvements

I have the tools and equipment to carry out a range of improvements to the property to stop pest ingress, meaning you don't need to consult another trader unless absolutely necessary. 

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