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Proactive Management

In various situations, it may be appropriate to manage a property long term, for pest related issues as part of an ongoing agreement. This service will include periodic monitoring, tailored to the property type, location and pests controlled. This will suit most commercial properties, but domestic premises can also be covered.

Routine visits tailored to your requirements

Periodic visits can be carried out to inspect a property and report back on any issues that need to be addressed. If the pest is covered under the agreement, it will be handled as part of the service until it is resolved. Inspections can also highlight other issues that the client would not be aware of. 

Multiple pests - One service

A range of pests can be covered under the agreement for commercial and domestic properties. 

Ongoing preventative maintenance

Reports can highlight preventative recommendations to minimise future pest issues. Property improvements can be carried out as an additional service for our clients

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